we design

embedded software.

Carefully coded for optimal consumption of memory, cycle and energy.

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embedded software

  • Signal processing
  • Various microcontrollers AVR, ARM, C51, MSP430, PIC,…
  • Code optimization, C and assembly
  • Various languages: C++, C, Delphi, Python, Labview,…
  • Porting to other microprocessors
  • Low power design considerations for Battery operated systems

Redesign and porting

Out of date processor? Shortage of your microcontroller? We can help to port your code to new platforms and optimize it at the same time. We are specialist in code optimization, whether it is for saving cycles, saving program memory or optimization for power consumption. We know many microcontrollers and processors and we can port your existing code to your new platform. Let us know about your project and we can offer free advice.

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