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We help our clients to implement and improve their ideas. Here we refer to some of these client stories.

some of our

customer stories.


Sigma Security Systems

Sigma Security Systems is a company active in the field of Electronic surveillance systems. These systems are installed in the shops and malls to prevent theft of the garments and goods. Sigma manufactures thousands of these systems per year. They aim to prepare system for future products and also reduce the cost of production. The main controller of the system is a big box with power supply , 3 layers of PCBs and display. The enclosure made from aluminium also acts as a heatsink to dissipate lots of heat generated by the transmitter of the system. The challenge for Optizyne: reduce the power dissipation such that no enclosure needed! This is needed to reduce cost and size of system and to be able to use controller in the most compact newer transmitters.

In Optizyne, we transformed the design. PCB completely revised and we not only removed 2 layers of PCB but also shrank the size. The optimum amplifier together with revised firmware now deliver same detection performance in a much smaller package, much less heat, much less consumption. Production cost is 3 times less and it is manufactured completely with machines.